What To Do With Your Visuals Post-Event

At See Meaning we specialize in creating meaningful storyboards with key highlights and impactful ideas from your event. We love customizing our graphic recordings to suit your brand or event theme. So how can you make the most of your graphic recordings and have your content live-on post event? We always give our clients the paper copy (4’ x 8’) and we digitize every chart. This involves taking a high resolution picture of the whole chart and editing the image in photoshop to correct lighting and shadows and make the background white again. Once an image is digitized, you can do just about anything with it! Here are some examples of ways that clients have used our images.

PRINTS, GIFTS, and CUSTOM BOOKS Prints and gifts serve as enduring reminders of your event’s impactful ideas and are a great gift for speakers • Print as a poster for your office • Make into a wall decal or wallpaper for a high traffic area • Print on canvas or foam-core • Create a booklet using one of the many online platforms available • Use the image in your reports • Print on mousepads, postcards, mugs and t-shirts YOUR WEBSITE AND BLOG The digital images of graphic recording are great visuals for recaps of your event on your website or blog. One of the easiest ways to use your final images is to embed a slideshow on your website or in a blog post.

REPORTS Since graphic recording is colorful and eye-catching, the images from your event become great conversation pieces in the days and weeks after your event. A great way to share and celebrate the event and your team is to publish the images in your internal newsletter or event report. Graphic images can be a refreshing change to typical conference or event photos. TRAINING MATERIALS Two-thirds of all people are visual learners. Graphic recording presents data your team or your audience needs in the way they can process it best. If you need your team to understand and act on complicated information in a short time frame graphic recording is the tool you want to use.

SOCIAL MEDIA- Don’t Tell if you can Show! A recent study found that images and videos get 12 times as many shares as links and text posts combined on Facebook. Posting an album of the final images to Facebook and tagging your speakers and sponsors is a great way to celebrate their participation. Tweet the images using the event hashtag and your speakers’ twitter handles and watch your re-tweets add up. Pinterest boards of your event are a natural fit, too. Photo and video posts on Pinterest are now referring more traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Google+. ANIMATED VIDEOS and PREZI’s The popularity of animated videos and Prezi’s for graphic recording has exploded in the last few years, proving an incredibly effective tool for capturing attention and connecting with your audience. See Meaning can turn images from your event into an entertaining, engaging visual narrative.

Boosts learning and clarity: most people are visual thinkers. They can understand and build on ideas when they see them.
Validates participant voice: people can see that they have been heard.

Enhances creativity: we integrate visual approaches that inspire out-of-the-box thinking.
Fosters collaboration and change: using visual tools allows people to communicate, co-create and plan together with ease.

Provides a visual summary: this keeps the learning 'in the room' during your event. Or, post-event, share our charts by email, post them to the web or print them as a starting point for your next meeting.