What's Possible?
Enabling Persons with Disabilities to Participate in Public and Political Life
YMCA Rural Assets Development Symposium
Imagine East Hants brought together community and business leaders to envision the future
Workshop with Tanya Davis at the Anti-Bullying Leadership C
Keynote at recent Anti-Bullying Leadership Conference in Halifax- August 2013

Boosts learning and clarity: most people are visual thinkers. They can understand and build on ideas when they see them.
Validates participant voice: people can see that they have been heard.

Enhances creativity: we integrate visual approaches that inspire out-of-the-box thinking.
Fosters collaboration and change: using visual tools allows people to communicate, co-create and plan together with ease.

Provides a visual summary: this keeps the learning 'in the room' during your event. Or, post-event, share our charts by email, post them to the web or print them as a starting point for your next meeting.