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Using the latest tools and approaches, we design and lead group experiences for:

strategic planning
knowledge exchange and translation
organizational development
personal leadership and goal-setting
business planning
stakeholder consultation and engagement
focus groups
community development
asset mapping
training and train-the-trainer workshops

When appropriate, we use visual tools and graphic recording. We draw from a range of effective participatory approaches, including Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe and Open Space.

Graphic Recording and Custom Charts
On large chart paper, we record the words and images shared at your conference, workshop or meeting in real time. This can be a stand-alone service, where we record for you facilitator or meeting/conference speaker. We can also provide facilitation and graphic recording services when required.

Custom charts
Great ideas sometimes get stuck in complex reports. We use our graphic skills to make your idea, project, evaluation or plan come alive.

Tools for Learning and Change
We believe achieving results requires being well-informed. As a result, our services include research (focus groups or documents), learning materials development, public engagement, evaluation and consultation.

We design and lead high quality learning and change tools such as training, train-the-trainer, curriculum and self-help materials and learning and communication products.

We lead custom research, public engagement and consultation projects such as document reviews, scans, surveys, interviews and focus groups to ensure your work is well-informed and includes stakeholder voice.

Boosts learning and clarity: most people are visual thinkers. They can understand and build on ideas when they see them.
Validates participant voice: people can see that they have been heard.

Enhances creativity: we integrate visual approaches that inspire out-of-the-box thinking.
Fosters collaboration and change: using visual tools allows people to communicate, co-create and plan together with ease.

Provides a visual summary: this keeps the learning 'in the room' during your event. Or, post-event, share our charts by email, post them to the web or print them as a starting point for your next meeting.